No matter what your skillset or availability is, you can help us built a more humane mobile interface. 


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Casual Supporters

Only have an hour here and there? There's still plenty you can do to help! 

đŸ’ģ  Are you an Android  developer? Checkout our development channel or jump right into an issue.


đŸ“¯ Enjoy blogging, tweeting, creating design systems, building websites, or emails? Say hi in our marketing channel.


🕹ī¸ Enjoy thinking about the big picture, doing competitor research, organizing, and community building? Say hi in the strategy channel.


Anyone can also join our regular co-working sessions, where we get to know one another and work on the project together. Just join our discord and look our for then next event.

Leadership Team

We're looking to add a member to the leadership team. This is for those ready to commit to consistent help and leadership


Every leader is expect to:

  • Join quarterly leadership calls to adjust the roadmap & sign-off on key decisions

  • Engage with our community on Discord

  • Spend at least 3 hours/week on their roles

  • Delegate tasks to casual supporters


Interested in any of the open positions? Email us at focuslauncher [at]



Marketing Lead

  • Social media

  • Website

  • Graphics

  • Emails to subscribers

  • Launches & Promotion

Development Lead

  • Issue Triage

  • PRs & code approvals

  • CI/CD

  • Write code

  • Google Play releases & versioning

Strategy Lead

  • Blog posts

  • Play Store copy

  • App's Documentation

  • Outreach

  • KPI measuring

  • Respond to Google Play reviews